Aley Shalechet offers to write and conduct funeral ceremonies with an Israeli flavor, suited to a secular-civil funeral, based on both Israeli culture and the Jewish tradition, with changes and additions according to the wishes of the individual and his or her family. This cooperation in preparing the funeral rites and personal modification to the deceased and the family are a unique essence of the funeral ceremonies that we conduct.

Our funeral services are especially suited for secular burial, and can be carried out in Aley Shalechet private cemeteries or in other cemeteries (municipal, regional, or cemeteries in kibbutzim and moshavim). It is also possible to conduct funeral services in the cemeteries maintained by the Chevra Kaddisha, but it is then necessary for the local Chevra Kaddisha to approve holding the ceremony and the way it is to be conducted.

Regretfully, we cannot provide our full range of services in the Chevra Kaddisha cemeteries, because secular funerals and private funeral rites are not permitted there. We provide a limited range of services in those cemeteries, all with the approval of the local Chevra Kaddisha.

Planning and conducting of funeral services is carried out by certified Aley Shalechet ceremony planners who are spiritual leaders rooted in Israeli culture, well-versed in Judaism, and trained to conduct funeral services in front of a large audience. Most of them are educators, or active in different community projects. The men and women who conduct these rites are selected with great care, and then rigorously trained and certified by Aley Shalechet.


The funeral rites that we propose are arranged with the full participation of the deceased’s loved ones. As soon as you turn to Aley Shalechet, one of our ceremony organizers gets in touch with you, and sets up a meeting at a place and time that is convenient for you. We can provide you with this immediate response thanks to the Aley Shalechet organized operational system, which guarantees instant response from our staff, including our ceremony organizers.

During this meeting with the family representatives, our ceremony organizer will oversee and direct the planning of the funeral service, suggesting texts for reading, offering different possibilities for conducting the funeral ceremony, gathering information about your loved one, helping in the writing of personal eulogies, answering your questions, and giving advice on different subjects.

Following the meeting, the ceremony organizer will return to the Aley Shalechet offices in order to continue the preparation of your “Ceremony Plan”, according to Aley Shalechet procedures for conducting a funeral service taking into account each different aspect of your requests.

Even after you have decided on the nature, content, and order of the funeral service, you can call the ceremony organizer at any time to ask additional questions, and make further adaptations and improvements as you wish.