DNA preservation can have critical implications for future generations. The medical community began transition to adjust the individual drugs per patient, especially for serious illnesses. This adjustment is made by DNA, which holds a personal genetic record and genetic record passed through ancestors and could be of significance and could be critical. Beyond medical contribution that can be derived from the preservation of DNA, the DNA represents a memorial for your loved one.

use the information to assist with the following:

  • Diagnosing a medical condition
  • Determining whether you may benefit from preventive measures to lower your risk of a specific disease
  • Deciding what medical tests to run /medications/medication dosage
  • Identifying other members of your family who are at risk of developing certain diseases
  • Calculating your risk of certain diseases
  • Calculating your risk of passing certain conditions to your children
  • Selecting effective therapies (gene therapy rapidly becoming a viable option)
  • Measuring mutation rates over generations (which can now predict health problems before they happen)

We work with labs in the US and Canada, which decomposes the DNA sample we send them (taking a sample is not intrusive) to a dried material which is kept in a vial packaged in a velvet box, with the ability to be kept at room temperature indefinitely together with your important documents.

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