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Cremation background

The company “Aley Shalehet” began its activities in cremation services in 2003 after depth research of world trends, legal aspects, environmental implications and more.

In 2004, “Aley Shalehet” began to provide cremation services for the first time in Israel.
In a dedicated facility that will be imported from the US and has advanced green technology that meets environmental standards.

The reasons for choosing the cremation over burial are many and varied:

  • And the shortage of burial plots
  • The ultimate ecological solution
  • The possibility of transferring ash from one country to another is much cheaper and simpler than transporting a body
  • Economic savings
  • Simplicity and comfort
  • Personal, spiritual, religious philosophy

Famous cremation

According to the British historian Paul Johnson, who wrote the history of the 20th century. Three people of the 19th century influenced most of the 20th century. The three men, by accident or not, were all Jews: Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, and Karl Marx. Two of the three chose cremation.

Other famous Jews have chosen their last path on the cremation road: Robert Oppenheimer, Arthur Rubinstein, Harpo Marx, Ethel Marman, Adi, Talmor, Amy Winehouse Roman Gary, Peter Sellers, Paul Newman, Gary Bilu

John Lennon, Maria Callas, George Bernard Shaw, Rudyard Kipling, George Harrison, Alexander Fleming, David Bowie and many others.

  • Zigmond Freud
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Albert Einstein
  • Julia Herzl
  • Paul Newman
  • Arthur Rubinstein

Herzl Museum, Jerusalem
From the PicWiki site


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Aley Shalehet is a modern funeral home that deals with civil burial, cremation, funeral and memorial services, memorial projects
And additional related bureaucratic care, consulting in various fields and administrative services

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Aley Shalehet is a modern funeral home that engages in civil burial, cremation, funeral and memorial services, commemoration and other related administrative activities, consulting in various fields and administrative services.

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