QR Medals

QR Medals

Tombstone is the  intuitive means of immediate memory, when thinking about the memorialization of our Loved one.

However, it is very limited means:  in terms of physical access and the ability to transfer all the wealth and life’s legacy of loved ones.

Technology is being mobilized  and through it; we offer a simple and easy  enhancement  to the  memorialization  of our loved ones by  our QR medallions (a type of barcode )

Connected to a personal website, and who, through scanning by a smartphone,  transmits all interested to meet a personal memory of your loved ones.

For all those who were close to him,  they are at this moment in time able to go back and remember the magic moments they shared,  to those who did not know him personally,  such as grandchildren and great-grandchildren …they now have direct access to his legacy.

What do you need?

Obtain one of the QR elegant medallions

Mobile Phone ” Smartphones ” with a QR scan application

A memorial website will be opened automatically  that only you can manage  so you can add photos, text and  movies of your choice.

QR medallions are expanding the limited physical expression of memory on a tombstone

to new dimensions. The memorial is accessible, open and distributed throughout  the community your loved was part off. So, basically,  assimilates the personal legacy into the community memory – a lot  beyond the first circle of your loved one.