The gravestone of a person is the last physical manifestation he enjoys, by which marry his memory in future generations and to visit the grave from placing the monument to the world. Choosing a condition which is to preserve your loved ones to reflect the utmost respect and accuracy the person was and his legacy is a difficult task at any time, more so Bshatc hardest.

Autumn leaves standing next to you as soon as the emotional choice and important and offers you a wide selection of fully customizable tombstones, while accompanying a sensitive allow you to choose the most appropriate memorial for your loved ones.

Custom monuments

Every person of character, story and his own legacy. Tombstones selection of fallen leaves is designed to give you complete freedom of choice in choosing the style and design of the monument to the perpetuation of your loved ones the most complete suits his personality and unique story.

  Selecting the position– manufacturers of fallen leaves tombstones help you in choosing the appropriate position, from a large selection of options. We also offer special designs can order planned and executed by artists depending on your requirements.

To order a custom position please call to 1-800-333-188or fill out the form, from the right we are here 24 hours a day.


:You can see examples of our tombstones in the following categories

Individual monuments

Tombstones Relationships

Unique materials

Interactive gravestones

In recent years, expanded options commemoration of our loved ones, and now you can add more details and layers to the story in their own memorial over the internet.

Autumn leaves new service which provides a bridge between the world of classic commemorative memorial never new, digital – interactive monument using QR code.

Critics of the grave, whether they are family members, relatives or friends, can scan with their mobile device code to be deployed situation, and get instant access to the memorial site online of their loved one, it will be able to view the pictures, read eulogies moving, and get to know in detail the story of the life of the deceased .

To order an interactive situation or condition exists qr code, please call 1-800-333-188and our representative will be answered promptly.

 QR monument with a plaque on it , which allows using a smart phone to switch virtual memorial site of the deceased which was immortalized in his life.  to watch a video demonstration.