Product and services

Product and services

We offer a wide variety of personalized products and services, which can all be adapted according to your wishes and preferences. We can provide an inclusive package based on the products and services from the following list.

Acquiring a comprehensive package promises you tranquility, and frees you and your loved ones from the necessity of dealing with many technical details. Furthermore, acquisition of an inclusive package guarantees a significant savings over purchasing each service and item separately.

Our products and services include:

  • GRAVE PLOTS – in the cemetery of your choice
  • FAMILY PLOTS – for families requesting a private family resting place
  • FUNERAL SERVICES – the planning and conducting of an individualized personal service by our certified Ceremony Conductors
  • AMBULANCE – removal from the house, transportation of the deceased to various destinations during the funeral journey and to the cemetery
  • REFRIGERATION – holding the body in refrigeration for a few days or longer periods
  • MONUMENT – from a large selection, or made to order by artisans
  • BUREAUCRATIC SERVICES – informing the authorities, obtaining the death certificate, burial permit, etc.
  • OBITUARY ANNOUNCEMENTS – printing and putting up announcements in different locations
  • COUNSELING AND HELP – legal, taxes and estates, writing a will, psychological help
  • EQUIPMENT FOR EVENTS – chairs, cold water, flowers, audio equipment, music, and so on
  • MEMORIAL DAYS – planning, organizing and producing memorial days in halls in Aley Shalechet Funeral Homes, at the cemetery, or any other place of your choosing
  • MEMORIALIZATION – in a personalized book, a video movie, an album, an Internet page, and so on
  • ORDINATION WITH CLERGY – we coordinate with Rabbis and Chazzanim [cantors] from the different streams of Judaism, with whom one can arrange a funeral and/or memorial service
  • TAHARA [RITUAL PURIFICATION] AND SHROUDS – should you choose to undergo ritual purification, you can choose simple shrouds or shrouds made of linen. Should you not be interested in ritual purification, we supply a dignified burial garment of white cloth.
  • NOTIFICATION OF EVENTS – telephone notification of the list of people to be invited to attend the funeral and/or memorial service.
  • MANY ADDITIONAL SERVICES – we offer many other services that you can find listed in the pages of this website. We offer these services as part of a general package of services and products, as well as separate services. Additionally, we are constantly working to improve and expand the variety of the services we can offer you.


To meet the needs of our clients, payment can be spread over a period of time; we also honor all the following credit cards: