Future Agreement

Future Agreement

Planning in Advance – Future package

It’s sad to admit it, but we are all mortals.
It is natural to escape the subject, but many studies show that end-of-life awareness and preparation for it improve the quality of life. (From the “Clalit” newsletter, five wishes – meaningful choices for your future)

As a response to this need, the future package was developed in Aley Shalachet, which is built according to the needs and desires of the client and / or his family regarding the last wishes.
The package is not fixed but will always include the logistical issue of transport, cold storage, paperwork and cremation.

The great advantage in a future agreement with “Aley Shalechet” is when something happens, the family informs our representative directly. We operate every day and every hour at 1-800-333-188, and immediately the treatment passes to us. The family members who are already coping with their grief are not subject to additional pressures and the exploitation of private ambulance companies that charge huge prices.

What do you do after completing the agreement with us?
It is important to inform your relatives, family, neighbors, social workers, homeowners, or any other person who is in contact with you daily, and even an attorney to attach the documents to the will (optional). The spiritual will you receive from us must be put in your wallet or identity card.