About us

About us

Aley Shalechet was founded in 2004 by a group of Israeli entrepreneurs who had identified a genuine need in Israeli society. During the course of an extensive marketing survey that lasted about two years, they studied the subject in great depth, and thus were in a position to determine which services and products would fully answer the real needs of the prospective clients.

The owners of the company have business, administration, and ideological backgrounds, and they are noted for their proven operational, strategic, and marketing abilities.

The company was founded with independent capital, which provided the infrastructure for launching the company. Aley Shalechet is currently considering further capital raising offerings in the future, in order to expand the scope of the company and the services it offers to the public.

It should be mentioned that despite the fact that Aley Shalechet is a private company seeking capital returns, its officers view the company’s complex purpose as a mission with the aim of advancing the welfare of the entire Israeli public in our own generation and generations to come.

The name “Aley Shalechet” [Autumn Leaves] was chosen because it was an Israeli name, a lyrical and emotional Hebrew expression, with a clear and strong affinity to Judaism associated with all the meanings evoked by the phrase:

Eli [in Hebrew, the name “Eli” is a homograph for the word for Aley [“Leaves”] was the High Priest

The three root-letters of the Hebrew word Aley [“Leaves”] are also the root-letters for Hitalut [“Moving Higher”]

“Shalechet” was one of the gates of the Temple in Jerusalem