The company’s vision

The company’s vision

Our dream is to be the initiators of a cultural-societal revolution in the State of Israel in the area of burial and mourning, funeral rites and memorial activities, and all the accompanying services. Our dream is to bring all these possibilities to the level of those services offered in the other countries in the Western world.

In our vision, we see each person in Israel being given the opportunity to choose how these things will be carried out, once he or she, or someone close to him or her, has passed away. The selected services will then be implemented on the highest level, taking into account the whole spectrum of possibilities related to the subject: funeral arrangements; the character of the funeral service and the way it is conducted; memorial activities and all the services accompanying them; all in genuine accord with the world view, the wishes, and the needs of the individual.

Our aspiration is to increase awareness and involvement in this important area, so that every person in Israel will be able to choose and plan his or her own leave-taking while there is still time, so that when the day finally comes, this leave-taking will be appropriate to his or her world view; the burden will be eased, and there will be less stress on those who remain. Thus, each one will be able to live, secure in the knowledge that not only will his or her material legacy be carried out fully, but also his or her spiritual legacy, which is no less important.

We believe that from many aspects, at this point in time, the Israeli public is ready for the beginning of this revolution, and we have the ability, the knowledge, and the means to initiate this revolution and lead it to a successful conclusion, charting the way and setting the standards for the entire industry.