Aley Shalechet is the first modern funeral home in Israel, offering burial services, conductance of traditional Jewish and non-Jewish funeral and memorial rites, memorial services, handling of all bureaucratic and administrative issues and many more related services. We handle all funeral aspects, paying careful attention to the individual needs and life philosophy of each and every customer.
As much as possible, we encourage people to use our services and make their funeral pre-planning. Pre-planning is the most considerate way you can ease the emotion and financial concern for your family members, allowing for meaningful choices to be explored instead of funeral decisions made out of necessity
We believe, that each and every person in Israel should have the right to choose and plan ahead his own way of leaving his loved ones, and get the best possible service regarding all aspects – the funeral arrangements, burial ceremony, preferred religious scholar and all related services.
All our services are offered to the public without religious racial and sexual discrimination.

Our wide spectrum of products and services is intended to be personally adapted to each person according to his wishes, beliefs and preferences.
The following is part of the products and services list we offer:

  • Burial Lots – Choose your preferred cemetery from a variety of choices.
  • Funeral Ceremony – Either traditional Jewish burial, Non-Jewish burial or secular burial, our funeral directors will guide and assist you in preparation and planning of the funeral, in writing funeral orations and offer guidance of the burial ceremony itself.
  • Funeral Services – We take care of all arrangements.
  • Cremation and Scattering Services
  • Religious Scholar – Our personnel includes Jewish Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Rabbis, Priests and secular funeral directors, all trained and experienced in conducting funeral and memorial rites.
  • Transfer of bodies for burial abroad
  • Handling of bodies brought from abroad
  • Ambulance Services – Pickup a deceased from the airport or from home, drive via funeral march, transfer to cemetery or any other required location.
  • Refrigeration – Keeping a body for any length of time, allowing sufficient time for family members to arrive for the funeral.
  • Casket / Coffin – We offer a variety of caskets, coffins and soon also burial vaults.
  • Gravestones – You can choose a gravestone from a long list of options, or even order a unique gravestone be created by a sculptor.
  • Forms and Bureaucracy – We take responsibility of handling all required paperwork.
  • Obituaries
  • MemorialsTraditional Jewish Funeral and Burial
    We offer conductance of Traditional Jewish funeral, including Tahara (the traditional preparation), Tachrichim (the burial shroud), Aron (the burial casket), Kvurah B’karka (the burial in the ground) and Kadish.
    Our personnel include Jewish Orthodox Rabbis, Conservative Rabbis and Reform Rabbis, and are all knowledgeable, trained and experienced in conducting traditional Jewish funeral and burial, as well as holding Jewish memorial rites.

Secular Funeral and Burial
For people coming from the secular sector, we offer conductance of burial and funeral rites according to your beliefs and preferences. Our well trained staff of funeral directors will assist you in planning and preparing of the funeral and burial ceremony, offering advice and a wide variety of possibilities.
All of our funeral directors are service oriented, have academic background and are active in spiritual and in intellectual work. Poetry, literature, Judaism and the Israeli culture is their way of life.

Non – Jewish Funeral and Burial
We offer a wide range of funeral and burial services, for different religions and beliefs. We provide tailor made solutions for everyone, including multi religious couples and atheists. Our staff includes secular funeral directors as well as priests and other religions representatives.

Transfer of bodies for burial abroad
Aley Shalechet handles the transfer of bodies from Israel abroad. Sending of a deceased person abroad requires special handling including embalming, preparation of special documentation and other bureaucratic issues, a special coffin etc. Our mission is to make things easier for those needing to send a deceased member abroad, in the most professional and dignified way.

Handling of bodies brought from abroad
Aley Shalechet handles the transfer of bodies to Israel from abroad. The service includes releasing the coffin from customs, transferring of the body for burial in a special refrigerated ambulance and arranging of all funeral services. If necessary, we can keep the body in our coolers as long as required.

Burial Locations (Cemeteries)
Aley Shalechet manages cemeteries across the country, aiming to provide coverage all over Israel and for everyone. All of our cemeteries are maintained according to the highest standards and are pluralistic by nature.

At your service at all times – Aley Shalechet